San Antonio - Finder of Lost Objects

San Antonio - Finder of Lost Objects

San Antonio is one of our Best Sellers, and we often hear small stories of success in finding things from our customers.

One of my favorite stories is from my own family. My son had just turned 16 and had an old clunker of a car. He was really frustrated because he could not find his car keys. I suggested he go to the shop and get a San Antonio. He was very resistant to do so not being very much into the Saints.

Late that night, after I had gone to bed my son came running into my room waking me up saying, "Mom, Mom, it was really weird! I told St. Anthony I did not really believe in him, but I needed help because I could not find my keys for day. I stepped back, Mom, and slipped on a magazine. My keys appeared from underneath the magazine!"

I must admit I have received a lot of stories of St. Anthony helping them. I have also received other more profound stories of Saint interventions. I would love to hear yours and perhaps share them.

~ Lynn Garlick

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