Saint Dymphna - Mental Illness

Saint Dymphna - Mental Illness

Years ago I was participating in a crafts fair in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All weekend my neighbor at the fair watched me talk about the Saints with the people who came to my booth. People would often share their hopes, dreams and hardships with me in search of a saint that might bring comfort, help, guidance, inspiration and protection.

As we were taking down the show, my craft fair neighbor came up to me and asked if I had a saint for mental illness. I gave her a St. Dymphna. She shared with me that her son who I think was in her late teens, was really struggling with being bipolar and his family was struggling too. A few weeks later she wrote me a note saying she was on an airplane and was pulling something else out of her purse when she found the St. Dymphna. She had forgotten that she had it. The woman next to her asked what it was. They began to talk and it turned out that this woman was an authority on bipolar kids. She took on my neighbor as a patient.

It is always interesting hearing about these types of stories, how the Saints work through people's lives.

~ Lynn Garlick

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