#A008 Angel Sophia

#A008 Angel Sophia

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Angel Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Bride of Light, from your fire my spark of soul is lit.Illuminate my mind.Mother of Mystery, open all knowledge I need. You bring light from the highest to the lowestand all the sleeping stir.The shadow remembers the sun...

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Angel Sophia, 
Holy Wisdom, Bride of Light, 
from your fire my 
spark of soul is lit.
Illuminate my mind.
Mother of Mystery, 
open all knowledge I need. 
You bring light from 
the highest to the lowest
and all the sleeping stir.
The shadow remembers 
the sun that cast it,
howsoever far, and through 
the window of my heart
the starlight sees its star.

© Gabrielle Herbertson


Poet Gabrielle Herbertson has composed 6 lovely
and invocative prayers for the backs of the new angels.

Gabrielle writes and sometimes teaches poetry, essays, and stories, using words as invitations to the things beyond words. She has been doing this for four decades — through schools, independently, with young people, and in solitude. ”Composing the Angel prayers is its own prayer. I reach out to the divine presence, joining my heart with all who need their help — from there, words can hope to bridge.” She lives with her partner in the mountains of northern New Mexico.